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An Ammucare Volunteer
On the path of pathlessness, under the umbrella of our Guru Mohanji, we are moving towards transformation each moment and unlearning what we learnt over the years—peeling off the layers acquired over our lifetimes. Desires drop, relations wither. We seems to be torn apart, vulnerable at times. The feeling of the Guru beside us gives us the strength to keep moving.
In the Nath Tradition of my Guru, feeding others is very important. I always wish to provide for others. I had a dream of doing this seva of feeding many people. There are constraints in life; you cannot do everything you wish, maybe due to lack of time or money. Mohanji reads one’s mind. Even before you say or ask, he gives you a suitable remedy.
We were at the Rishikesh retreat. We had a one to one session with Mohanji, and I was waiting for my turn. The door opened, and I was asked to wait inside. There were two devotees in the room with Mohanji. I sat quietly in a corner, listening. One of the devotees asked when her friend’s son will get a job. And why he lost his job. Mohanji knew the family well. With a twinkle in his eyes, Mohanji said that he should start giving to Mother Earth. He got the previous job due to the prarabhda karma, his balance is over, and he is jobless now. Mohanji said he should start giving to Mother Earth instead of only living for himself and having food, clothing and shelter. But he had no job, no money. How can he serve and feed others?
Mohanji said one does not need money to serve others; rather should set an intention. You can serve with anything you have in plenty. For, e.g., teach a poor child, give your time to someone. You can help the old and sick people. A spoon of flour and sugar can feed a hundred souls – the ants. Sugar mixed with a bit of water can be food for bees. Few biscuits can be spared for stray dogs. However, one has to be consistent.
My journey began since then. I started feeding the ants, dogs and birds. With the onset of the pandemic, life came to a halt. Humans were confined to their homes. Mohanji asked us to start Online Mai-Tri sessions. So I started sessions on Facebook. After every session, we talked about feeding ants, birds and animals as energy exchange. So I made it a point not to miss it myself. As time went on, many lost jobs, many were suffering. Ammucare Charitable Trust came forward to help. We started providing dry rations to affected families and masks and gloves.
Again during the second lockdown, Mohanji asked all the Ammucare volunteers to feed the poor and helpless. Not only humans but other beings too. In seventeen cities, this initiative was started by serving hot meals on a day to day basis or dry rations and fruits.
Ammucare gave dignified support to roadside vendors, auto-rickshaw and E-rickshaw drivers and labourers who lost their jobs. With the blessings of Mohanji, we could feed thousands. His grace made it happen. How everything was orchestrated for us to do seva only Mohanji knows. We were just instruments.
We, the Ammucare team, feel great humility and gratitude towards our Tradition that enables us to serve the beings of Mother Earth and bring happiness and love around us.
A lesson I learnt during the seva was that it’s not you who serves that is great, but the souls that allowed you to serve them are greater.
AMMUCARE, I feel privileged to be a part of the team for this opportunity to serve, be grounded, be humble, and connect deeply with Mother Earth and its beings. This seva helps to connect with my inner core and be one with higher consciousness.
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