ACT For Shelter

Mohanji Home for Seniors


Elders, homeless, physically challenged or anyone neglected by the society, their comfort and care is our responsibility. People must be respected irrespective of their condition and position. Ammucare provides a secure and caring environment with all the basic amenities, food, clothing and medical assistance to the elderly, neglected & the under privileged, through Mohanji Home of Seniors in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu..The project was visualized in late 2018 as a way of providing a long-term safe space for the destitute elderly in an old age home that has been supported by Ammucare for many years. Over the years, the efforts to procure land were completed towards the end of 2019. The land was chosen carefully for its proximity and stunning views of the Arunachala mountain.

The foundation stone for the project was inaugurated by Dr P.K. Namboodiri on 29th Jan, 2020, in the presence of Snehajyothi Amma, TR Gopalakrishnan (late), Smt Sreedevi Namboodiri, as well as Mohanji and Mooji Baba. Due to Covid lockdowns, we were finally able to start construction work only in late 2020. Since then, progress has been rapid, against all odds, obstacles, and various Covid induced slowdowns. Activities at the Mohanji Home for Seniors have commenced from 1st September 2021. Construction work in the first floor has been completed and the 2nd floor is in progress.

Through Mohanji Home for Seniors, Ammucare also supports under-privileged people with daily utility items, food, clothing, medical care and other provisions through the Institutions that shelter them. Through the daily Annadaan seva, we reach 3000 people every month.


This Home is created with the vision where anyone abandoned by their family or society can feel a sense of belonging, feel nurtured, make friends, have open conversations, make good memories, feel loved and spend their life with ease, peace and love.

How we Serve?

Provide food, clothing, medical care & surgery support
Ensure emotional & mental wellbeing
Celebrate special occasions like birthday, festivals like a family
Personal engagement through movies, indoor games, books reading, gardening
Bi-weekly discourses
Encourage open and happy interactions through various organization visits


Support us

We serve fresh cooked, healthy, nutritious meals suitable to South Indian culture. One time meal for all residents cost Rs 2000.
Infrastructure Building
For 2nd floor construction we  are looking for Rs. 45,00,000 /- to accommodate more people in the premises. Any contribution for cement, bricks, toilets making, gardens, shed, coolers, water filter will be a good support.
Support the wages of staff and caretaker


Join Us

  • Host events to engage everyone in recreational activities.
  • Everyone loves children. Bring children to play with them and share tales of fun.
  • Corporate employees visit Health Camps.
Your Skills:
  • Story telling sessions
  • Yoga sessions
  • Music sessions,/lI
  • Laughter therapies
  • Counselling Sessions
  • therapies
  • Stay and Serve


720 kgs Grocery utilised

20 Medical cases supported (including surgeries)