The Fruit Tree Plantation Drive - A Sustenance Movement by Mohanji

Our Impact

Fruit tree plantation is not just an act of kindness, it is a social responsibility. This is giving the fruits of kindness to the coming generations beyond species.

Mohanji is a world renowned humanitarian who has dedicated his life to serving the world. He emphasises a lifestyle of purity, non-violence, unconditional love and selfless service towards fellow beings across all species.
Mohanji has initiated a sustenance movement through Fruit Tree Plantation Drive that will have a positive impact on our environment and all beings.

In addition to providing shelter and green cover to Mother Earth, Fruit bearing trees also provide food to humans, animals, birds etc. and continue to serve generations.

Guided and inspired by Mohanji, Ammucare Charitable Trust (India). Mohanji Foundations (Global), ACT Foundations (Global) and Act4Hunger (Global) are dedicated towards implementation of this initiative in various countries all over the world.


Plantation of 100,000 fruit-bearing trees across India in 2021.

Replantation for plants that don’t survive.

Select fruit trees as per the location, climate and soil condition and trees with longevity to last for generations.

Collaboration with communities, government/semi-government organisations or institutions for plantations.

Plant maintenance for 3-4 years from plantation stage.

Choose plants from the preferred list – category 1, combine some plants from category 2, wherever needed, include from category 3.

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To know more about the Fruit Tree Plantation Drive Project, visit or and make a donation for the sustenance movement.