ACT For Education

Mohanji Ka Aangan


Children are the leaders of tomorrow. Their upbringing plays an integral role in shaping not merely their future, but also, the culture of a country, the future generations and families too! Empower children by offering them a happy, joyful, secure, nurturing space to learn about life & living. A space where they can explore their own potential, understand the virtues of selfless service and mold strong character. .

Mohanji Ka Aangan, set up in 10 cities is a holistic learning space that focuses on providing nutrition, fun learning environment, schooling support, bringing children at par with mainstream education. The ambiance & approach helps in nurturing their talents and hobbies, giving them exposure to life through various practical workshops, visits to historical places, museums, visits to animal shelters etc., to help them learn & understand life from a broader perspective. These Aangans are currently accommodating over 300 children from underprivileged backgrounds.


Expose children to life’s realities that will help in stabilizing them and thus the coming generations. Exposure to natural lifestyle is the best way to expand their minds instead of a programmed education in closed class rooms.

How we Serve?

Nutrition + Education+ Extra curricular activities + Health & Hygiene workshops + Creative Activities + Emotional & Mental Counselling + Everybody is unique workshop + Participate in Fruit Tree Plantation Drive+ Infrastructural support+ Health Check ups+ Indoor & Outdoor Games+ Exposure Visits + Picnics + Educational visits+ Awareness sessions on blood donations drives+ Fun Movies + Art & Craft Workshops+ theatre Workshops+ Dance & music workshops + Waste to Wealth Projects+ Connect with Nature , like Animal Feeding , Yoga & Meditation session, English classes, Vedic Maths Classes, Sessions on Digital & Artificial Intelligence
Extra curricular activities
Health & Hygiene workshops
Creative Activities
Emotional & Mental Counselling


Support us

Suport nutritious meals and snack boxes.
Infrastructure Maintenance
Toilets Repair, Gardens Maintenance, Shed, Coolers, Water Filter Sponsor a good space for aangans in any of the cities where we are operational.
Other areas to support

• Support the wages for the staff, teacher’s remunerations, trainers, caretaker
• Sponsor educational visit to museums, historical locations, animal shelters, conducting learning workshops, fun times, picnic, excursions
• Sponsor Fruits Trees Plantation Drives
• Sponsor Health care & Sanitation activities


Join Us

  • Host events to engage Children in Fruit Tree Plantation Drive and other recreational activities
  • Organise Health Camps, for children and their parents 
  • Training teachers in different aspects of education 
  • Exposure tours for teachers and children to enhance their learning skills
  • References/ Connections/ Leads.. Birthday Celebrations with children. 
Your Skills:
  • Story telling sessions
  • Yoga sessions
  • Dance & Music sessions
  • Laughter therapies
  • Counselling Sessions
  • Computer Literacy
  • Language Sessions
  • Art Workshops
  • Recycling Workshop
  • Theatre workshop
  • Corporate employees


720 kgs Grocery utilised

20 Medical cases supported (including surgeries)