Ammucare 20 year celebrations

Celebrating 20 years of Ammucare

We’re beyond excited to invite you to Ammucare’s 20th Anniversary Celebration, a milestone that’s even more special because Mohanji, our esteemed founder, will be gracing the event. For two transformative decades, under Mohanji’s inspiring leadership, Ammucare has been a beacon of love, service, and compassion, reaching over 20 states in India. Whether you’ll be with us at the India Habitat Center in New Delhi or tuning in online, prepare for a celebration that promises to be grand in every way.

What to Expect:

  • Heartwarming stories that make a difference: Witness firsthand accounts of how Ammucare has touched lives, delivered by those who experienced it.
  • Awesome live music: Revel in the emotional and soul-stirring live musical performances.
  • Meet and hear from Mohanji: Be inspired as Mohanji shares his vision and experiences, bringing depth and a universal perspective to our shared journey.
  • Global Community: Become part of an international family united in service and compassion
Stay tuned for more news and fun surprises as the event gets closer.

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For over two decades, Ammucare Charitable Trust has been devotedly serving humanity with boundless compassion and love through a myriad of humanitarian initiatives. Our unwavering mission is to offer kindness, support, and relief to the distressed and underprivileged, making a positive difference in countless lives.

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To continue our journey of compassion and to amplify our impact, we earnestly seek your generous support. Your donations empower us to sustain and expand our initiatives, reaching out to more individuals and communities in need.
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Ammucare 20 year celebrations

Celebrating 20 years of Ammucare