Act For Education

Project Unnati


As we sow, so shall we reap. When children are assisted gently to pursue their dreams with love, care and support, it will create harmony in the society. Ammucare values the presence of each child and offers academic financial assistance under its ‘Project Unnati’ to children in the villages, willing to continue education in schools or colleges. This support is extended beyond any man made barriers of caste, creed, colour, language or geography.


Children should be supported in multiple ways to pursue their education and dreams that can impact the society positively. Every stakeholder in the society can play an important role to support millions of children’s dreams by living the greatest values of ‘caring and sharing’.

How we Serve?

Offer Financial Assistance to the children in need for pursuing education in school or college


Support us

Strengthen this pool of funds that are dedicated towards supporting children’s educational fees


Join Us

  • Corporate, Family Foundations, Individuals are welcome to join hands for sponsorships (just update this particular line in collaborate section).
  • Identify the students who are pursuing their education with passion
  • Connect us with organisations, corporates, family foundations, schools believe in our values and willing to partner with us for Project Unnati