Join Ammucare in Bringing Hope and Relief to Cyclone Michaung Survivors

Donate to Chennai Cyclone Relief Fund

In the wake of the devastating Cyclone Michaung, Chennai and various parts of Tamil Nadu are grappling with a crisis of heart-wrenching proportions. Amidst this turmoil, Ammucare Charitable Trust stands as a beacon of hope, committed to providing aid and comfort to those whose lives have been upturned by this calamity.

We Need Your Support

To effectively respond to the urgent needs of the affected communities, we are launching a fundraiser for essential supplies. Your contributions will help us provide:
  • Water Purifying Tablets – Ensuring safe drinking water
  • Mosquito Repellents – Protecting against disease-carrying mosquitoes
  • Bed Sheets and Blankets – Offering warmth and comfort
  • Soaps, Inner Garments, Washing and Bleaching Powder – Preserving hygiene and dignity
  • Sanitary Napkins – Addressing women’s health needs
  • Woolens, Candles, Match Boxes, and Rain Coats – Essential for survival in harsh conditions
  • Medical Aid Kits – For immediate health care
  • Clothes, Back Packs, and Solar Lamps – Essential for daily living
  • Toilet Kits – Maintaining basic sanitation

Remembering Our Work in 2015

In 2015, when floods ravaged Tamil Nadu, Ammucare was at the forefront, saving lives and providing sustenance to thousands. We are determined to replicate and exceed our efforts during the 2015 floods. Your support was invaluable then, and it is just as crucial now.

How to Help

Every donation, big or small, makes a difference. Visit Donate Form to contribute. Let’s unite to rebuild lives and restore hope.

Together, We Can Make a Difference

In these trying times, let us come together to support those in need. Your generosity can turn despair into hope, helplessness into strength, and loss into the courage to rebuild.
Ammucare Charitable Trust is committed to transparency and accountability. We will regularly update you on how your contributions are making an impact.
Join us in this mission of empathy and hope. Your support can light up lives.