Aangan - Jammu
Essentials Fundraiser

Mohanji Ka Aangan in Jammu is a beacon of hope and learning, driven by the spirit of selfless service under the esteemed umbrella of Ammucare. In our unwavering commitment to molding the young minds of tomorrow, we believe that every child deserves access to a robust education and a nourishing environment. Today, we are reaching out to kind souls and benevolent hearts to help us equip our Aangan with essentials that can make a significant difference in our children’s educational journey.


Our goal is to raise funds to procure essential items that will foster an environment conducive to learning and growth at Mohanji Ka Aangan – Jammu. We seek your generous support in helping us acquire:

  1. Water Filter: To ensure that every child has access to clean and safe drinking water, safeguarding their well-being.
  2. Stationary Supplies: Including bags, notebooks, carpets, books, and other essentials that are fundamental to a child’s learning process.
  3. Laptop: A vital tool in today’s digital age to open doors to a plethora of learning resources and enhance the educational experience for our children.


At Mohanji Ka Aangan, we envision a world where every child, regardless of their background, has the opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive. By equipping our Aangan with these essential items, we aim to provide an uninterrupted learning experience, shaping the lives of our children into responsible and positive young adults. We believe in the transformative power of education and kindness and aspire to create a ripple effect of change, one child at a time.

How You Can Help:

Your contribution, big or small, can make a tangible impact on the lives of the children at Mohanji Ka Aangan – Jammu. By donating to this cause, you are not just giving; you are empowering young minds, instilling hope, and creating a lasting impact. Let’s unite in the spirit of service and compassion, and together, let’s build a foundation of hope, learning, and love for our children at Mohanji Ka Aangan – Jammu.