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My Seva experiences in the orphanages of Kolkata

Written By Soma Seal It was sometime in July 2015 that Sakshi called me and asked me whether I would be interested in doing Annadan on Guru Purnima and also coordinate activities for Ammucare in Kolkata. For me it was a God sent opportunity as I always had an inclination for doing service. I very willingly agreed as I had been doing some activities on my [...]

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My Journey with Ammucare – Deepali Bais

Written By Deepali Bais Before I start with my story, I would like to express deep gratitude to the editorial team and creative team for making this platform functional. [...]

The World of Ammucare – Mohanji

A man becomes complete when he lives for others as well as himself equally. A selfish person is never satisfied. The more he “conquers” external materials, the more he [...]