ACT 4 Hunger

Ammucare is committed to feed the hungry. Be it the street dwellers, orphans, specially challenged, homeless, old or sick people. Food, fruits and grocery distribution sevas are regularly carried out throughout the country. We have set up community kitchens to serve freshly cooked and nutritious food to the underprivileged at different locations.

ACT Feathers

No matter how big or small, Ammucare cares for them all! While our little winged friends are busy chirping and flying, they also struggle to eat and drink during harsh weather. Ammucare provides grains and bird feeders to animal shelters in order to aid the birds’ survival.

ACT Fast ACT Now

Ammucare responds to natural calamities as a top priority. Over the years, Ammucare has been proactively plunged into relief action and mobilisation of the immediate relief resources to carefully meet the needs of the affected people. We also collaborate with active organisations on the ground which helps to strengthen the relief operations.

ACT 4 Women

To enable women to be independent economically and be creative, Ammucare has set up a Skill training and manufacturing centre at Mohanpur village in Jharkhand, near Jamshedpur. By training them to design and create responsible products range based on the core values of non-violence (Ahimsa).. ‘Ahimsa Imprints’ our trademark for the range will spread a message of respect for all species, while also generating dignified employment for women.

Blood Relations

Ammucare spreads awareness about the thalassemia requiring blood transfusions at a regular interval and organises blood donation camps at various locations pan india throughout the year. Along with it, we also provide other essentials like sanitary napkins, medicines, toiletries for personal hygiene to shelter homes and under- privileged people.

Compassion in Corona

Ammucare is actively extending immediate support in terms of dry ration, groceries, medicines etc to animal shelters, hospitals, old age homes, special schools, daily wagers, migrants, transgender community and other vulnerable groups affected due to lockdown.

Mohanji Ka Aangan

Mohanji ka Aangan is an act of love for children. It is an initiative taken by Ammucare to provide basic learning facilities to underprivileged children.

Mohanji Home for Seniors

This home is being set up to provide a secure abode for destitute and elderly people, many who have been abandoned by society. This home will provide them with love, care and dignity besides the basic necessities of food and medical care.