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Mohanji’s Birthday Celebrations 2020

Ammucare celebrated our Founder, Chairman and Guide Mohanji’s another year of existence through kindness. To honour his birth anniversary, the Ammucare team has extended love, peace and happiness to as many people as we could through the sevas. Here is a brief report of all that which transpired through the week of joy!

Celebrations at Mohanji Ka Aangan


Mohanji’s Birthday was celebrated with all fervor and enthusiasm at:

Mohanji Ka Aangan, North Bangalore the children sang birthday song for Mohanji on his birthday.


Delhi Aangan saw the birthday celebrations with children sitting together to celebrate through Freedom Meditation, Mohanji Gayatri Mantra, Jyoti Di’s sung beautiful bhajan audios. There was Aandaan with Poori Aaloo, Halwa, frooti, pastries and Baba’s birthday cake with each child doing Mohanjis aarti at his lotus feet. ONGC NGO came to perform a nukkad natak on health n cleanliness, and distributed Protinex to the children’s mothers. which added to our program. The program ended with stationary distribution for all children. We thank Anjali for coming to the event.


Ammucare Hyderabad team celebrated the birthday of the founder and Chairman MOHANJI in Ganagapur at Gulbarga Datta Mandir. Annadaan was conducted at the temple premises for more than 700 devotees. This seva also included some cows and dogs. ORS packets were also distributed to the people on streets.


Ammucare Jammu team celebrated MOHANJI’s birthday on 23rd February. The celebrations started with donating fodder for more than 250 cows.


Mohanji’s birthday celebration in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh was done at a blind girls orphanage. The program started with cake cutting followed by chanting guru mantra and birthday song. And the girls present there sang very beautifully. Dinner and chocolates were served to 60 girls.


The Ammucare Kerala team celebrated MOHANJI’s birthday on 23rd February in Kerala at three places. In Palakkad they distributed kits containing rice and pulses to 60 families in a colony of palliative care patients in Kozhalmannam. In Kochi, the team distributed food packets to 125 people on the street and also to metro workers. And lastly a food seva was done for the people living on the streets in Kannur.


Ammucare Kolkata team did annadaan seva on 23rd Feb on the occasion of MOHANJI’s birthday at an organisation called Sambedna. Here the youngsters are differently abled. Some are autistic, some are mentally challenged, some blind or polio-stricken.

The organisation helps these children by educating them and enabling them to be empowered. Ammucare volunteers served lunch to 70 such youngsters after their cultural program where they performed some songs and dances.

As part of these celebrations, on 24th February, Ammucare kolkata team went to a group of children who have been picked up from the Dumdum railway station and are being guided by a good person who provides them food and clothes. These children are addicted to a drug called dendrite which kills hunger. The team provided them lunch and also counselled them about the addiction. The team intends to help and empower them through educating the kids.

The team also distributed 50 kgs of rice, 20 l of oil and some cakes and biscuits to Siddharth Welfare Mission, an orphanage for boys.


As part of Monanji’s Birthday celebration Ammucare team, distributed school bags to kids at Village Mohanpur in Jamshedpur. The women at the skill centre were also gifted umbrellas to be prepared for the upcoming summers and monsoons. Kids recited poems in the most adorable ways after which our volunteers shared sweets with all of them.


Mumbai Ammucare team in Collaboration with Rotighar celebrated Mohanji’s Birthday at Airoli and Borivali slums. Annadaan seva was done for the people in those slums and also birthday cakes were cut.

The team along with Youth of Today celebrated MOHANJI’s birthday at Badlapur area. A digital room was opened for adivasi kids at Mirchiwadi Ambernath. And Annadan was done at an old age home, Badlapur and also in Mirchiwadi Ambernath area.


Ammucare Odisha team celebrated MOHANJI’s birthday in Taponga, Odisha by conducting meditation with 30 children, who were suffering with multiple disabilities and also at an old age home for leprosy affected people. Later Annadan was also conducted at these two places.


 As a part of MOHANJI’s birthday celebrations, on 22nd February, the Ammucare Shirdi team distributed sewing machine to the Sai Ashray Anathalay and Anna Maria from Serbia also joined in this seva.

In Sakori, on 23rd February, the birthday celebrations were held at the Zilla Parishad School. Freedom Meditation was conducted and MET was also done. The kids who were continuously coughing before the session, became quite well and peaceful after the energy transfer was done.

And a third seva was done in Shirdi at a School for dumb and deaf. Ammucare Shirdi team along with Anna Maria from Serbia distributed stationary items to 110 children there.


ACT founder and Chairman MOHANJI’S Birthday was celebrated at Thiruvannamalai by the Ammucare Hosur team by serving the elders at the Old Age Home. Lunch and fruits were served. Cotton Bath towels and an amount for vitamin tablets were handed over to the caretaker of the Home. At the end, Arati was performed to MOHANJI. Later at the “Home for Seniors” Annadaan (Breakfast) was done by the Ammucare Chennai team.


Ammucare in collaboration with ACT USA and ACT South Africa performed Annnadan Seva in Varanasi on two consecutive days, i.e, on 19th F and 20th of February.

On 19th February, Ammucare volunteers went to the ashram complex which had a school for boys, an old age home, and a sadhu ashram. A donation for medicine was given in addition to the lunch preparation. 120 people were served lunch of dal, chapati, jalebi and fruit. There was an abundance for everyone to enjoy and lots left over which was unexpected by the organizers.

On 20th February, an arrangement was made with Kitcheri Baba at the shrine to serve early morning breakfast. These incredible volunteers serve 1000 meals every day to the poor and homeless in Varanasi. The shrine is across the road from the Kashi Vishwanath complex and Kitcheri Baba has a massive cooking pot on site where he cooks fresh healthy dal, rice and vegetables to those in need. The volunteers had a blissful experience of serving the almighty in the form of those needy people.

Kancharapara, West Bengal

At Kampa Military station, Kancharapara, West Bengal ACT Team distributed orange juice, biscuits, samosas and jalebi to 60 labourers working at various construction sites. In beginning they were a bit hesitant to accept the treats, as such things do not happen in the cantonment area. One of them asked the reason of distribution when I told him the occasion, he said “Happy Birthday Mohanji”. This was actually so pleasant to hear from him. Indeed the grace flowed and they happily received the servings.

Ammucare Kancharapara team procured 50kgs flour, 25kgs rice, 5kg nutrela soya chunks, 5kgs condiments, 5kg salt, 5ltrs real juice and 100 packets of biscuits, wafers and pastries and donated them to a foster home where there are around 55 children as a part of Mohanji’s birthday celebrations. The experience with children was overwhelming. The children sang birthday song for Mohanji which was an icing on the cake.


On the auspicious occasion of revered Guru Dev Mohanji’s birthday, sweets, biscuits, food and clothes was distributed to the needy people of hilly areas of Jammu.

We were overwhelmed by the love, happiness and peace that came into being for this entire week of celebrations. Ammucare is thankful for all its angels for helping us carry out the sevas throughout the country and also our donors who make sure our work doesn’t stop. We intend to sustain a similar enthusiasm throughout the year to help people and spread compassion in action!