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Mohanji Home for Seniors – Commencement

We are delighted to share that the commencement poojas (ritual ceremonies) at the Mohanji Home for Seniors in Tiruvannamalai (Tamil Nadu, India) were completed successfully, and activities are due to commence from 1st September, 2021.

The ceremonies began on 29th Aug with a vaasthu pooja (ceremony to sanctify and purify the space). Participants from across the world joined the celebration via Zoom. The occasion was made even more special as Mohanji joined the Zoom meeting from Europe. He explained the significance of this project, as serving sadhus (mendicants) and homeless elders is a noble cause that is equivalent to serving ones own parents and lineage. Further, feeding them daily at the Home amounted to daily annadaan (food donation), considered the highest of all donations.

Mohanji also congratulated the project team for working hard on the project so as to make it a reality, despite Covid lockdowns and various other roadblocks. He emphasised that conviction and a clear selfless purpose can be more powerful than any challenges or obstacles on the path.

The ceremonies continued on 30th August with a Ganapati Homa (fire ceremony for Lord Ganesha) to pray for removal of all obstacles and smooth activities at the Home. This day was also the auspicious day of the birth of Lord Krishna, as well as the anniversary (as per the traditional lunar calendar) of the death of Ammu, Mohanji’s daughter and the inspiration for Ammucare and ACT, and the selfless charity work around the world.

In the evening, the priest conducted Bhagavathi Seva, or worship of the Divine Mother. While the pooja was being set up, the session spontaneously became a beautiful period of chanting as participants from around the world chanted various Devi mantras, creating a charged atmosphere. The pooja saw its climax when the arati was performed – with glowing lights just from the traditional lamps and chiming of the bells, everyone felt a palpable change in the vibrations in the room. The ceremonies were concluded with offering of a specially prepared sweet dish that was offered to the deity, and distributed to all present.

It is a matter of great pride that we have reached this stage of the project. As background, the project was visualized in late 2018 as a way of providing a long-term secure space for the destitute elderly in an old age home that has been supported by Ammucare for many years. Soon after, efforts began to procure land and that was completed in late 2019; the land was chosen carefully for its proximity and stunning views of the Arunachala mountain. The foundation stone for the project was inaugurated by Dr PK Namboodiri on 29th Jan, 2020, in the presence of Snehajyothi Amma, TR Gopalakrishnan (late), Smt Sreedevi Namboodiri, as well as Mohanji and Mooji Baba. Due to Covid lockdowns, we were finally able to start construction work only in late 2020. Since then, progress has been rapid, against all odds, obstacles, and various Covid induced slowdowns.

We take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude to our numerous supporters, donors and well-wishers. Your good wishes and blessings have helped us reach this stage. We seek your continued support so that the project powers ahead and we are able to serve the many needy souls in the sacred location of Tiruvannamalai. We also remember (late) Mr TR Gopalakrishnan (Gopalakrishnan Appa, as Mohanji used to call him) with gratitude; his presence at the foundation stone ceremony enriched the project and seeing this project come to life was his strongest desire till his demise in June 2021.

This project marks a real milestone for Ammucare Charitable Trust as it is our first own physical space for continuous activities, and in such a powerful location.

Activities at the Mohanji Home for Seniors are set to commence from 1st September 2021, even as construction work continues in the first floor and higher.

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