Guru Poornima Celebrations Noida And Rajasthan - Ammucare


Guru Poornima Celebrations, Noida and Rajasthan: 24 July – 26 July 2021

On 24th July, after prayers, food was served to 100 people. Rotis were freshly prepared and monkeys were fed the same.

On the rest of the days, monkeys were fed bananas, Dogs were given cooked food and Cows were given dry fodder and salt in a cow shelter.

The volunteers visited a Charitable Home for Destitute Children, Balgran, and served lunch to 140 children and staff.

In Noida, 75 packets of vegetable biryani were served to labourers at the construction sites in sec 84 and 87 industrial area.

In village Khora in Rajasthan, the team visited an Ashram and served the local cuisine of Dal Batti Churma to 50 people.

“A seva that makes us feel how beautiful the world is when we connect with it. My salutations to Our beloved Guru Mohanji” says our volunteer Nirupma Chowdhary.