Guru Poornima Celebrations Jharkhand - Ammucare


Guru Poornima celebrations, Jharkhand (Jamshedpur and Mohanpur)

A beautiful start to the Guru Poornima day in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand – Lovely smiles on the faces of cleanliness workers in the locality, as the volunteers handed food packets to them. The breakfast meals were a very tiny expression of our gratitude to all these hard working people who make a very valuable contribution of keeping the city roads clean, starting work really early in the morning possibly empty stomach.
Also, the team distributed food to the house keeping staff of their housing society – including sweepers, security guards, liftmen, car cleaners, car drivers.
ln the final lap of the Annadaan, food packets were given to the villagers at Mohanpur. With an attempt to find solution to the never ending littering of plastic waste in the village, recycled plastic bucket – dustbins were given to each household in Mohanpur to dispose plastic waste in them instead of throwing them around in the village. We plan to set up an organised system for regular pick up of waste from each house to be disposed in the city in the right way so that they can be sent for recycling. The team also got few broken water supply pipes fixed and installed a tap to enable the women to fill water everyday for those few hours when there is water supply.
A mango tree sapling was planted in the front courtyard of the training centre with a vision that it will bear fruits in future, feeding many -the villagers, animals and birds. Living the teachings of our mentor, guide and Guru on this day our focus was on “adding value to the lives of people through sharing and caring.”