Guru Poornima Annadaan - Ammucare


Guru Poornima Annadaan seva, Jammu: 24th and 25th July 2021

Team Jammu celebrated Guru Poornima by serving food to all beings alike – the underprivileged, fish, monkeys and cows.

On the 24th, 60 dozen bananas were fed to the monkeys at Maha Maya temple and 35 dozen at Nagrota forest area. Overall, 95 dozen of bananas were fed to the monkeys at 2 locations – Maha Maya temple and Nagrota Forest.

15 kg wheat were fed to the fish at Surinsar and Sarore lakes.
On the 25th, 100 packets of food were distributed to the underprivileged on the streets and 100 meals were served at Channi Himmat Panch Mandir.

Also, 110 kgs of green vegetables were fed to the cows at a cow shelter.