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Why should you contribute to Ammucare Charitable Trust ?

Ammucare Charitable Trust has been out there serving people selflessly for the last 17 years. Based out of Palakkad our operations run throughout India and beyond as ACT Global. Our work is fueled by the drive to unconditionally care and look out for the needy beyond all barriers of geography, culture, caste, creed and colour. We do not encourage the attitude of favour or charity but one of empathy, kindness and gratitude.

Ammucare has been actively working in different areas of help. Right from making basic food and amenities available to creating workshops to render people self-reliant, we target every gap in society. Corporates, Institutions can collaborate with Ammucare for various projects that we are running pan-India.

All donations to Ammucare Charitable Trust are 50% tax exempted.

How can you contribute?

Ammucare makes available multiple CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) opportunities for companies who choose to collaborate or associate with us. You can:

1 Dedicate funds towards any projects that align with your CSR objectives.

2 Employees can volunteer with their creativity to add value to give a meaningful learning experience to our kids in Mohanji Ka Angan.

3 Employees to initiate fund raisers for any causes to support our work.

4 Sponsor events, community kitchens or new initiatives.

5Volunteer to feed and care for animals.

6 Engage with Ammucare through ‘Check- Out Charity’. It’s a great way to involve spread awareness among your customers and raise funds about our work.