Annadaan at Badlapur - Ammucare


Annadaan at various locations in Badlapur: 21st June – 29th June 2021

Ammucare in collaboration with Youth of Today has been serving sumptuous meals to the underprivileged, daily wage workers and homeless people at multiple locations across Badlapur such as Dongar seth Adivasi village, Kopar slums, Kowtyachiwadi Adivasi village, Badlapur bus stop, Talavchiwadi village, Badlapur bridge, Lassunwadi.

On an average, 50 – 55 people are served with daal, rice and sweets.

Also, Annadaan was done at an old age home, Beghar Nivara, at Badlapur East for 25+ elderly.

On 25th June, a lecture was organized by Ms. Sonali at Dongarshet Adivasi Pada where children were taught about the important role played by Doctors, Teachers, Policemen in the society.

On 24th June, sanitary pads were distributed to 25 women.
Dog feeding is also being done on a daily basis.
Kudos to our volunteer Bharat Gada for driving this seva consistently.