Ammucare - An Overview

  • Ammucare is a registered non-profit organisation established in India in 2003 by Mohanji. The trust was started to honour the spirit of his daughter Ammu, who passed away at the tender age of four in a tragic road accident on 23rd August 2000 . During her brief sojourn on this planet, she touched the hearts of many through her radiance, purest love, and maturity beyond her years. Ammu lives on through the smiles of many who have been benefited through various selfless initiatives and acts of kindness. The Ammu story – What seemed like an end was in fact a new beginning. Ammucare resonates with Unconditional Love and Care beyond barriers.
  • Based out of Palakkad in Kerala, the trust has grown beyond regional barriers. Accepted and encouraged by a wide spectrum of people from different parts of the world, Ammucare now works throughout the world to extend care universally to all the children of Mother Earth.
  • Ammucare provides resources and services such as food, shelter, clothing, medical care, education and other means of support that empower and uplift the helpless and needy. 
  • We engage in charity that paves the way to growth and not dependency. As a charity platform Ammucare presents an opportunity to like-minded people who wish to contribute towards society to channelise their efforts, resources and donations.
  • Ammucare aspires to bring to all its volunteers, peace, happiness and higher evolution. Our projects not only serve the needy but also bring happiness to all the supporters by expanding their inner self to accommodate the entire universe and its beings. The platform ignites selfless giving amongst all and helps to evolve within.
  • Our ultimate aim is to kindle empathy within all hearts towards all kinds of life on earth.

THE STORY OF AMMUCARE’S ORIGIN- In the words of the Founder- Mohanji

Ammucare happened. I had no intention to start any charity organisation. After Ammu’s death, I felt a big absence in life. Everything seemed empty and incoherent. The very purpose of life presented itself as a big question mark. Since the day August 23rd in 2000, I was coming to terms with myself. A series of further tragedies followed. I lost my job, I contracted a skin allergy which was painful and irritating, I separated from my wife, I lost all my savings in a house deal, my belongings got stolen etc. That phase of life was indeed traumatic. One by one, God took away everything I was attached to, or belonged to this entity called Mohan. I became completely naked and abandoned. It was at that time, when an old saint threw the seeds of a charity organisation in my mind. It made no sense to me at that time because the usual questions such as who, why, when, what, where, how and the like were blocking the free thinking. Yet, the saint’s words kept ringing in my ears “Do something for the children of mother earth. You will have eternal peace”.

Do something for the children of Mother Earth

You will have eternal peace.

Eventually, Ammucare happened! It was formed on the basis of two core pillars of thought “Unconditional Love” and “Care Beyond all Man-Made Barriers” such as caste, creed, countries, communities, colours, and other barriers created by man. These ideas were formed when I was briefly staying at Vanamali Ashram on the banks of river Ganges. When I presented this to Mother Vanamali, she blessed this and said “All those who are associated with Ammucare, will have their lives enhanced”. This has actually happened and keeps happening. Many positive changes have happened to people who have been associated with Ammucare. This is divine grace. So, it is divinity who made it happen. Divinity keeps it going. I am just an instrument of the glorious Divine.”

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