ACTFOR ART is a forums

ACTFOR ART is a forum to exhibit art pieces of upcoming artists and beginners. We welcome all art forms from installations, paintings, sculptures, prints, photography and graphic arts. It's an honour to have artists with beautiful works and big hearts come together to add colour to the lives of the needy through this initiative. The proceeds of each artwork will go for various charity Initiatives of, namely free education and medical assistance of the poor.

ACT to stop Hunger is a platform

ACT to stop Hunger is a platform to bring together people to enable them to feed hungry people and animals .  Since inception of Ammucare across various locations in India is serving food to the under-privileged people selflessly. Various food seva activities are organized across india where food is distributed for free to underprivileged section of society.

They say “winter friends are friends forever”

They say “winter friends are friends forever” and Ammucare makes this phrase a reality. For some, winter means all things warm and cozy but for others it’s a tough battle for survival. Winter chill bring shrills to people who are forced to live on streets. ACT angels come out on streets every year in these chilling winters during midnight to distribute blankets to the needy. This warm cover of love has helped hundreds of people so far across different locations in India to fight the battle of survival thus touching many hearts with this act of kindness. Ammucare has been helping people living on streets fight winters from more than a decade and will continue to do so in coming years.

Ammucare acts for Thalassemia

Ammucare acts for Thalassemia patients all across the country.Thalassemia being a hereditary disorder can’t be cured after birth and the person becomes a carrier of the same. The life of the Major Thalassemia patient becomes miserable as he needs the vital life saving blood at regular interval of 10-15 days. Thus ACT works in the direction of spreading awareness about the disorder and organizing blood donation camps in collaboration with National Thalasemia Welfare Society (a government recognized organization solely working for Thalassemia patients) so as build life saving blood relations with strong foundation of unconditional love and care. We invite corporate world, societies, colleges and other organizations to join us for this noble cause. You may write to us at and contact us at +91 9419103677 or + 91 9818774267.

Ammucare launched its first

Ammucare launched its first EMPOWERMENT CENTER with Name Life stitching center at Jammu.We are very Happy to share that we already have 27 trainees enrolled with us & count is increasing every day. All girls and women enrolled till now belong to less privileged segment of society. Ammucare is providing them basic skill training to empower them for earning respective living. Ammucare intends to open many such centers across India. To support this initiative contact us at

Mohanji Ka Aangan is Ammucare

Mohanji Ka Aangan is Ammucare Life fisrt Vocational training/ learning Centre at Jammu for children coming from less privileged background. Aangan is a initiative taken by Ammucare to provide basic learning facilities Center is catering to needs of 120 children from less privileged section of society from 3 consecutive years. Aangan is initiative taken by Ammucare to provide basic learning facilities to children of underprivileged section of society. Aangan caters for their basic requirement like uniforms, stationary etc. Children at Aangan are not attending any formal education elsewhere. In morning hours these children work to support their families. Ammucare also organizes food for all children on regular basis. Ammucare also takes initiatives to make these children aware of basic health care and hygiene. Ammucare intends to open many such centers across India. To support this initiative contact us at