ACT Fusion

ACT Fusion is ammucare charity concert in India, aimed at collecting the funds to support the causes that have impact on lives of all the beings of mother earth, beyond caste, creed, culture, color, communities, and countries.

2nd ACT Fusion Concert on 26th April 2014 at Chinmaya Mission, Lodhi Road, New Delhi, 6 pm onwards.

Performing Artists
Shovana Narayan: Padma Bhushan facilitated; world renowned Khatak Dancer. Also called the Queen of Khatak
Ragini Rainu: Internationally acclaimed sufi singer
Earth Saviour Foundation.

The Earth Saviours Foundation is an Internationally recognized NGO, situated in Delhi, India. It was founded in 2008 by Ravi Kalra. He is a well-known Karma Yogi, social activist and environmentalist. The Foundation is dedicated to serve less privileged people and is making every possible effort to protect the environment.

The selfless, dedicated, committed, vigilant staff and volunteers of The Earth Saviours Foundation are working day and night for the community welfare.

ACT Fusion is ammucare charity concert in India, aimed at collecting the funds to support the causes that have impact on lives of all the beings of mother earth, beyond caste, creed, culture, color, communities, and countries.
ACT Fusion has been envisioned as a medley of musical artists blended with the multi-cultural Indian artists without losing the basic flavor of both. This is meant as unification of hearts and purposes and expression of selflessness and love beyond all man-made barriers such as race, religion, nationality, etc.

November 9th 2013 marked the date of ACTís first charity concert in India, scheduled to take place at Siri Fort Auditorium, Asiad Village, Siri Fort Road, New Delhi.

The main goal of the first ACT Fusion concert was to support children with autism in India. The primary beneficiary of the concert will be Action for Autism (AFA), a recognized body supporting children with autism in India, along with the local authorities responsible for addressing the other top priority needs of the local community.

Waste-tO-Wealth -Empowerment programme

This programme will add to the vocational skills of the special needs (deaf and mute) students of Asha Niketan, adding yet another mode of expression to thier life.

ammucare is pleased to announce it first newsletter Actsigns

ammucare is pleased to announce it first newsletter Actsigns


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Ammucare Charitable trust
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ammucare Day Celebrations at VIZAG
9 NOV 2014.
ammucare day was celebrated in Vizag by distributing some essential things to needy children at Anand Marg Orphanage by ammucare Charitable Trust in association with Ken Foundation Society, Vizag. The orphanage is situated in a small locality on the outskirts of Vizag near NH 5. The Orphnage was badly affected by Cyclone Hudhud wherein damage to electrical fittings, buckets and utencils affected their daily livelihood. Some essential medicines (deworming), grains, and daily ration items was handed over to the orphanage. After cyclone Hudhud some communicable diseases are looming free and hence to obviate any chances of children getting affected, basic medicines as required by them were distributed which were received by them very graciously.
Swamiji who heads the Orphange is originally from Varanasi, has travelled all over India and is very learned man. He is adept in curing various diseases because of his working knowledge in Ayurveda and Homeopathy. The way he takes care of the children is really laudable. He doesnít receive anything from government. Everyday he goes around and collect bhiksha from local people which contains grains and vegetables to feed the children. And whenever the help received is more than the requirement, he calls up President, Ken Foundation Society, Mr Santosh Puttukeri so that surplus is distributed to other needy people.
Swamiji told us that these children belong to Agency area (the name given to Naxalite affected area). He told that in Andhra Pradesh, re-marriages are prevelant and both boy and girl marrying more than once. Since they now want to move ahead in life, they just leave the children to the mercy of mother nature. Swamiji told that 50% children have either or both parents alive and rest are without anyone. The condition of children in Agency area is really pitiable especially when winter temperatures dive below zero degree Celsius. They donít even have proper clothing to protect their bodies. Every pongal, Swamiji takes the children to their villages and if he finds any child in distress he brings him to orphanage. Due some constraints, Swamiji cannot accept girl child and hence all the children are boys.
After the usual chit chat session, children became very happy as they knew, snacks time has come. We had carried some cake and bakery products which were sumptuously eaten by children.
Ken foundation supported the cause whole heartedly and ammucare charitable trust is indebted to wholehearted support provided by the team of their volunteers who find time from their college studies and carry out selfless seva.

Team ammucare


Account number: 10620047858 Ammucare Charitable Trust
District: JAMMU
IFSC Code: SBIN0000657

First Blood Donation Camp at Pune 2015

ACT plays a significant role to develop modes that allow us to provide emergency life-saving blood to thalassemia patients . Ammucare Charitable Trust have been organizing blood donation camps across India over a long period of time. Due to unconditional support and selfless contribution of all ACT Angels first Blood Donation Camp at Pune was a great success . ACT Announces its Second Blood Donation Camp at Pune on 22 February 2015. We look forward for support & cooperation for this noble Cause.
"Donate Blood Save Life"
Date: 22 February 2015
Venue: D 505 Gera, Emerald City(south),
Kharadi, next to EON IT Park, Pune.
For further details contact:.
ammucare@gmail.com , http://www.ammucare.org/
Ph- 9158815147 , 9158524374

50 Glorious Years of Selfless Seva

Activities celebrated on 23rd Feb 2015.

ACT to stop Hunger

ACT to stop hunger! Feed the poor and hungry people, birds, animals..
Spread Love! Spread Hope! Spread Compassion!
You can participate from anywhere in the world.#acttostophunger

Earthquake at Nepal

Earthquake at Nepal has also affected the neighboring Indian states of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Assam, West Bengal, Sikkim, Uttarakhand, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Gujarat and in the Indian capital region around New Delhi.Many buildings were brought down in Bihar. Ammucare is assessing the damages and mobilising resources to help earthquake victims.
To support Contact us at : info.ammucare@gmail.com,ammucare@gmail.com
To donate visit us at www.ammucare.org