Ammucare Pune conducted it's second blood donation camp in aid of the Thalassemia Patients at Gera Emerlad City- South, Kharadi, Pune. A wonderful turnover of more than 175 people who came in for donation. In all 158 units of blood were collected. Many youngsters from EON I.T. Park took a one hour break from office just to donate blood. This camp was done in Collaboration with the Thalassemia Society of Pune which supplies blood to over 15 blood banks and each Thalassemic patient is eligible to get any amount of blood for free all their lives. We thank Mr. Jatin Segpal, founder of the Thelassemic Society, who is a thalassemic patient himself, for his whole hearted support. There are around 1300 thalassemic patients in Pune itself. Around 13,000 babies born each year in India become victim to this disease. They need frequent blood transfusions which sometimes can start from once a month as a child and can increase to weekly transfusions. Apart from continuous health problems, the biggest difficulty in the life of a thalassemic patient is to find the donors to give their blood regularly.. Its something they need just to survive. We thank Gera society presidents for their support. We wish to continue to support the cause and do as much as we can. We welcome any assistance from our patrons to be able to do more. Corporate Tie Ups, Donations, Volunteers all are appreciated, so that together we wipe the tears of the suffering. #Mohanji50thbirthday


Blood Donation Camp at Airtel Center Gurgaon was a great success. Flow of people for donating blood was enormous .The employees from Airtel Centre Gurgaon felt extremely good from within for donating blood for a noble cause. .helping Thalassemia patients. Ammucare extends its heartfelt thanks to all the donors & Volunteers for supporting the cause.


Blanket Distribution started at Delhi on 6th December 2014. Ammucare team distributed blankets to needy on streets at various locations till 01:30 a.m.

ACT Fusion

November 9th 2013 marked the date of ACT first charity concert in India. The main goal of ACT Fusion concert was to support children with autism in India. The primary beneficiary of the concert will be Action for Autism (AFA), a recognized body supporting children with autism in India, along with the local authorities responsible for addressing the other top priority needs of the local community. ACT Fusion was envisioned as a medley of foreign musical artists blended with the multi-cultural Indian artists without losing the basic flavor of both. This is meant as unification of hearts and purposes and expression of selflessness and love beyond all man-made barriers. The proceeds collected will go towards supporting of children with autism in India. Diagnosis of autism in India has grown tremendously in the recent years and many families and care givers are totally at sea. It is, thus, paramount to reach out to these children and their families through direct services, advocacy, and research. ACT Fusion has envisioned a structured help in this direction, which helps the ones really in need and also spreads awareness about the existence and management of the disorder. The next ACT Fusion concert is being planned on the 1st March 2014.

ACT Winter Carnival

On 21st December, ACT Winter Carnival was launched at Hotel Trident, Gurgaon and Carmal Convent School, New Delhi. The idea was celebrating the festive spirit by lending a helping hand to the underprivileged. The products on display were made by children from MohanjiSeva Foundation School, Jammu and Baba KaAangan, Gurgaon. The proceeds collected would go back the children.


Ammucare launched Vibrionics in India early this year. Vibrionics can be seen as a branch of Homeopathy. In this system of healing, no physical or chemical substance is given to the patient. However, vibrations in the form of high frequency electro-magnetic waves are administered in a solid or liquid substance, e.g. tiny sugar pills or water. Vibrionics remedies work at curing an illness by operating on the subtle body of the person/animal/plant. Vibrionic remedies have absolutely no side-effects and do not clash with any other form of medication. Vibrionics remedies provide a simple, effective and natural system of healing. Above all else, these remedies are quick and inexpensive to manufacture by the practitioner and are therefore ideal means of offering free health service to poor and needy people, and all other life forms. Ammucare aims to set up Vibrionics Clinics in poor townships across the globe to reach out to half a billion needy people by 2020!

Blanket Distribution

With the mercury dipping suddenly across north India, thousands of homeless people face imminent death from the bitter cold. On 9th November, the founding day of Ammucare, the annual Blanket Distribution Programme was launched. Last year, Ammucare distributed blankets in 18 cities and this year, the aim is to distribute 10,000 blankets in 29 cities across India. Hundreds of blankets have already been distributed and souls struggling with a losing battle with survival against all odds have been saved from inevitable death. However, what has been done does not seem to be enough. Thousands of shivering under-privileged and destitute souls still need to covered with a warm blanket and some love. This is also an opportunity to offer a heartfelt thank the donors who have come forward and donated generously.