Project Description

Ammucare acts for Thalassemia

Ammucare acts for Thalassemia patients all across the country.Thalassemia being a hereditary disorder canít be cured after birth and the person becomes a carrier of the same. The life of the Major Thalassemia patient becomes miserable as he needs the vital life saving blood at regular interval of 10-15 days.
Thus ACT works in the direction of spreading awareness about the disorder and organizing blood donation camps in collaboration with National Thalasemia Welfare Society (a government recognized organization solely working for Thalassemia patients) so as build life saving blood relations with strong foundation of unconditional love and care.
We invite corporate world, societies, colleges and other organizations to join us for this noble cause. You may write to us at and contact us at +91 9419103677 or + 91 9818774267.