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A man becomes complete when he lives for others as well as himself equally. A selfish person is never satisfied. The more he “conquers” external materials, the more he wants. There is no end to the greed of such a person. Likewise, a service becomes fulfilling only when we have no expectations attached to it or any hidden agenda. Neither should we do an act of kindness to prove something or please somebody, including the God we worship.


An act of compassion should be spontaneous, and mind-free. When we live for the world, unselfishly and totally unattached with the results of our acts of compassion, we become truly a refined human. This is the core of Ammucare. Ammucare means empowerment. Empowerment means self-sufficiency. Self-sufficiency means freedom. And the thread that runs through it all is unconditional love or love without any expectations or strings attached.


Why should we care for other beings?

Primarily because all beings of the world have equal rights over the space and resources of the world. Humans are just another species on earth. Through intellectual supremacy of the gross things of earth, and skills attained through sharp intelligence, the human race has physically bound all other species. When greed rules, there is no sensitivity. This is the root cause of all sufferings of the world. When insensitivity towards other beings influences the social structure, degeneration and destruction happens drastically. This is why every human being should engage in spontaneous acts of compassion so that their minds maintain an equilibrium which helps their physical and mental health. Acts of charity helps build a healthy social structure. Acts of charity also helps maintain a individualistic psychological balance (at the least). Acts of charity helps healthy relationships. Acts of charity helps maintain a healthy social structure as it works as an antidote to greed. When the social structure is charity prone, the new generations will absorb the good vibes of unity and brotherhood. This helps prevent intolerance and wars.


Why should we spread the word?

If we do not show, others will not know. Ideal charity is silent charity. Then, it can only be individualistic. But, in the current world where divisions and differences are a norm, it is essential to display the alternatives through the media available. And that is mostly the social media which reaches masses. It is important to tell the truth and what we felt when we opened out to the lesser privileged beings of our own society. We must inspire. We must encourage the youth to help the helpless. We must lead by example. There is nothing more powerful than an honest testimonial. Everything that we do need not be told. Yet, an opportunity to inspire a few more people must never be missed. When we articulate truth, it could inspire people. The eventual idea is, through acts of kindness, we make a better world.

Hence, tell what we do, so that more people might want to participate. And tell what you felt so that it might resonate with some people and they may want to take it forward.

Ammucare Volunteers

When we share, we grow. When we give, we receive more. When we share spontaneously, we attain inner richness which is much better than the outer richness because it is permanent and personal. Outer richness never stays with one person. It changes hands. Inner richness leads to personal glory.

I wish the team a great success in all the endeavors of charity. My heart is with you. And my heart is in these acts of compassion.

Warm Regards

Yours Sincerely,


  1. Thank you Mohanji, We are doing and also will continue doing this selfless act… Jai Mohanji. At your Lotus feet always…!!! :-)

  2. The sincerity and simplicity of your expressions always touch the heart. Looking forward to reading and being inspired by stories published here. In eternal gratitude.

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