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Written By Deepali Bais

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Before I start with my story, I would like to express deep gratitude to the editorial team and creative team for making this platform functional. This initiative was awaiting a launch from a long time. My special thanks to our blog team for nurturing this thought and launching this beautiful platform. I wish that this inspires many more souls to propagate the work through many selfless ACTs of our volunteers.

From a very young age, I had a desire to serve people. It’s interesting to share that I wanted to do something for society even before I actually knew the right meaning of the word. I never ever imagined that this desire of mine will be fulfilled in such a beautiful way.

My journey with Ammucare started way back in Pune almost 5 years ago. We were around 7-8 people and we used to gather for weekly meditations.

As my Guru says “Feeding the hungry is feeding God”.


Our group decided to organize a food seva for daily wage laborers in Pune and I happily volunteered for it. We enthusiastically cooked, packed and joined the team for distribution. That day was one of the most blissful days of my life. Inspite of so much work and running around, I felt an amazing calmness and joy inside. I realized that day that serving people was what I have always wanted to do and then I realized that I found my purpose.

There was no looking back after that.  Ammucare has given me a lot more than I could have asked for. Through my association in various ACTs of Ammucare, I understood the right meaning of seva. It provided me with a platform to live the teachings of our dear founder and mentor Mohanji.

Ammu, our guiding angel, is a driving force behind all our ACTs .I have always felt her presence in all events and I am sure that all volunteers would second my opinion.

working with children

Over the years, I have realised that purity and selflessness are the most important factors in this journey. Our team of selfless and dedicated members who are contributing with purity and unconditional love are a source of inspiration to all due to which we have successfully achieved various mammoth tasks flawlessly and effortlessly.


My journey from the first food seva to today has been a truly blissful journey. During this journey, I have seen many project launches and tremendous growth in all projects.

My journey from food seva to empowerment workshops, cyclone relief, blanket distribution Nepal relief , ACT feathers launch, Ammucare Life Skill training centers, Blood Relations, Chennai Relief , ACT Shipra  and many more selfless acts has been an overwhelming one.

I consider myself blessed to be associated with all these wonderful initiatives and there is still a lot more to do and much more to achieve. I wish to see Ammucare touching new heights. I urge people through this platform to come, join & celebrate joy of selfless seva.


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Take one decision. I am going to give much more to the earth than I have consumed  from it. Your life will be a totally different story”.- Mohanji

As we all know Ammucare operates on a dedicated volunteer workforce. During my journey from the first seva till today, there are many questions which keep coming back “Why? Why not? What is right? What is wrong? Why not this? Why not that?” And the list goes on! There are times when we all experience friction, we feel unheard, alienated, etc. and I have personally gone through this only to realise that it was a passing phase (testing times rather :-)).


Some of the learnings I have had, thanks to my Guru is to “ALWAYS KEEP PURPOSE BEFORE INDIVIDUAL”. This line has been instrumental in helping me get over many problems and I want to share it with you in the hope that it inspires and helps you when you go through your difficult times too. We all have bigger purpose. Purpose to help needy, purpose to serve children of mother earth and understanding this keeping the purpose ahead helps us move on in life.

I thank my Guide, Mentor and our Chairman, Mohanji for trusting me and gifting me this beautiful bouquet of unconditional love and purity.

There is so much more to write and many more incidents and learnings to share in detail. I will surely come back with more if editorial team allows me. :-)


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